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Inkpath – our researcher development platform

C-DICE is using Inkpath as the mechanism for researchers to register for events, apply for placements and secondments, and book training. Inkpath is unique, because as a researcher it will also track your activities, allow space for reflection, and enable you to create a pathway for your own professional development and plan for your next career steps.

How to register for Inkpath

  • If you already use Inkpath at your institution, log in to Inkpath at and then follow the “How to join C-DICE” instructions below.
  • If you do not already use Inkpath:
    • Select the “Sign Up” tab and create an account.
    • If your academic organisation is not listed in the Sign Up tab, please contact us.
  • You can also download the Inkpath app onto your phone:

How to join C-DICE on Inkpath

Once registered with Inkpath, go into the app and follow these instructions:

  • Click the … / More option (top right in the web app)
  • Click “About You”
  • Scroll to the bottom and press “My Affiliations”
  • Click “Add an Affiliation”, choose ‘C-DICE’ as the organisation and complete the other settings
  • Press “Save”

An introduction to the fundamentals of Inkpath for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers at C-DICE partner Universities can be found at Password: cdiceusers2021

The videos cover a variety of topics including:

  • How to complete the About You section in the Inkpath user app
  • How to join an “Affiliation” in the user app
  • How to send feedback or obtain support with Inkpath, via the app or via our support email address

C-DICE aims to provide equal access to opportunities and create an inclusive environment in which all postdoctoral researchers feel valued, respected, and engaged. To monitor our progress towards achieving these goals, we would appreciate it if you could answer the questionnaire upon your registration with Inkpath. The information will be anonymised in line with the GDPR rules and used for statistical analysis but you will also have the option not to answer.