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What is a micro-credential and why would you want one?  profile photo

What is a micro-credential and why would you want one? 

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C-DICE are introducing micro-credentials to it's training and development activities.

What are micro-credentials?

Micro-credentials are digital certificates (often awarded in the form of badges) that demonstrate that the awardee has achieved a certain skill, attribute, and/or knowledge base. Unlike traditional qualifications and continuing professional development (CPD) they do not measure how many hours of effort is required but focus on the evidence provided, ensuring that it demonstrates the required level of the skill and knowledge has been obtained. C-DICE ensures that our micro-credentials are robustly designed, awarded, and new micro-credentials are endorsed by the C-DICE advisory board. 

So now that you know what a Micro-credential is, why would you want one? The simple answer is that they are an excellent way to demonstrate on a job application or a professional development review that you have met a particular criteria or gained a specific set of skills. They provide the opportunity to select micro-credentials that best suit your career goals and development requirements. By choosing which micro-credentials you apply for you can build a unique tailored professional development experience specific to your needs with the evidence base required to demonstrate capability to current and future employers. 

Micro-credentials are made available by digital badge provider Badgr via our Inkpath platform and will be awarded after a training or development activity has taken place, subject to meeting the criteria. The first C-DICE activity to be awarded a micro-credential is the C-DICE Sandpit on energy storage that took place in May. There will be new micro-credentials incoming for C-DICE training and development so look out for more micro-credentials coming soon on other C-DICE activities. For more information click here.