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Career Pathways for Postdoctoral Researchers Friday 8th July 2022

Career Pathways for Postdoctoral Researchers Friday 8th July 2022

This postdoc-led webinar will enable fellow postdocs to identify a range of career pathway options.  These routes will be explored through lived ‘postdoc stories’ that will facilitate recognition of aspects linked to diverse career development routes.  In considering a range of career pathways, you will think about areas to consider as well as potential pitfalls and this will support career planning.  You will be able to identify personal goals linked to your career development.

Three experienced postdoctoral researchers will discuss their career journeys, followed by an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the webinar.  Dr Tosin Adepipe is working as a project manager as part of the Hyper project at Cranfield University, Dr Luofeng Huang is an academic lecturer in the field of mechanical engineering and Dr Blanca Pena is working in industry as a naval architect.

This webinar is a direct response to an identified postdoc need and promised to be an enlightening and valuable training opportunity.   As well as sharing the expertise of the three postdoc training leads, you will have the opportunity to network with peers, strengthening and extending your postdoc network.

Intended learning outcomes:

  • Identify a range of postdoc career pathways.
  • Recognise aspects of practice and skills linked to current work and potential career pathways that may support career development.
  • Compare a range of career pathway options, along with the associated areas to focus on and pitfalls to avoid for a range of pathways.
  • Identify personal goals linked to career pathway opportunities.

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