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Digital Twin Hub – Online Learning

Digital Twin Hub – Online Learning

The Digital Twin Hub have collaborated with the Open Data Institute (ODI) to create a suite of online learning resources focusing on data and digital twins.

With connected digital twins becoming an even more important tool to overcome shared challenges, it is vital that we work together to fulfil their potential built on a strong foundation of the ethical considerations arising from the Gemini Principles, and the vision and roadmap towards an ecosystem of digital twins explored in the Gemini Papers. This online learning course seeks to provide a greater understanding of the challenges and ethics of Data and Digital Twins with these principles in mind.

These resources are designed to help unlock the full value of data in the digital twins ecosystem through 6 modules:

  • The Data Landscape and Connected Digital Twins
  • Maximising Reuse of Data Through Licensing and Sharing
  • Working With Data from Third Party Sources
  • What Makes Data Interoperable
  • Applying Data Ethics
  • Ethics and Personal Data

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