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Energy Systems Modelling Wednesday 29th June 2022

Energy Systems Modelling Wednesday 29th June 2022

What are the key energy system models?  How can energy systems models be applied in a range of scenarios?  You will explore a range of models, practise using them in a range of contexts and devise your own model in this interactive webinar.  You will consider challenges, risks and complexities as well as exploring opportunities to utilise them in answering some questions in your areas of research.

This half day, 3 hour webinar is part of the Postdoc Development series and will be led by Dr Amruta Joshi.  Dr Joshi is an experienced postdoctoral researcher, currently working as a senior Research Fellow in the Warwick Manufacturing Group at Warwick University.

Attending this webinar will enable you to develop your knowledge and understanding of energy system modelling.  You will have the opportunity to practise using a variety of energy system models in a range of suitable contexts, using exemplar data provided.  Finally, you will apply your new knowledge and understanding through building an energy system model of your own, supported by case study source material.  Moving forward, the hands-on experience of developing and applying energy system models will help you to gain confidence in building these models linked to your specialist research context and assessing how they could be utilised.

Intended learning outcomes:

  • Identify a range of energy system models.
  • Identify the building blocks of an energy system model, to include input requirements, data sources and outputs.
  • Evaluate the complexity, risks and limitations associated with energy systems models.
  • Practise selecting and using some energy systems models in some suitable contexts, through engagement using reference input data.
  • Build your own energy systems model, using the scenarios provided during this webinar.

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