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New C-DICE Fellowships Awarded 

New C-DICE Fellowships Awarded 

C-DICE has announced the appointment of two new fellows, along with the appointment of a new C-DICE Ambassador. The fellowships are designed to promote research aligned to infrastructure, cities, and energy, that will accelerate the progress towards a net-zero society by 2050, whilst providing the opportunity for researchers to develop their independence, with significant support from C-DICE.  

The newly appointed C-DICE Postdoctoral Research Fellows will be pursuing their own research projects to support their transition to fully independent research leaders by developing and expanding their research experience and research portfolio through the fellowship project. 

The C-DICE fellows are: 

  • Dr Ola Michalec – a social scientist based at the School of Computer Science at the University of Bristol. She is interested in ‘the making of’ science and technology, using perspectives from science and technology studies and ethnography. Her project, titled “Living in a simulation? Cybernetic promises and data challenges of digital twins to decarbonise energy systems” will investigate the sites of knowledge production related to energy sector digital twins to advance the secure and ethical digitalisation agenda in the energy sector, bringing the industry closer to Net Zero. 
  • Dr Gary Nicholas – a researcher in the field of tribology, with a particular focus on wind energy. For his fellowship with C-DICE, Dr Nicholas is set to collaborate with Offshore Renewables Energy Catapult, Victrex, and Waukesha to spearhead the creation of a multi-sensor measurement suite tailored for WT sliding bearings. This forward-thinking project aims to fast-track the adoption of the emerging sliding main bearing technology in WTs, a promising alternative to the current failure-prone and hard-to-replace rolling bearings. 

The newly appointed C-DICE Ambassador, Dr Deblina Majumder, will be involved with their own research project, along with supporting C-DICE’s postdoctoral training programme.  

  • Dr Deblina Majumder is a Research Associate at Newcastle University. As a Principal Investigator, Deblina is working on her project, titled, Development of Selective Oxygen Reservoir for Ethylene Oxide production via Chemical Looping (DOOR EXCEL) funded by C-DICE.  

Read more about the C-DICE Fellows and their projects here

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