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Peer-to-peer training scheme

The aim of the C-DICE peer-to-peer training scheme is to bring together post-doctoral researchers from C-DICE partners and technicians from the TALENT partnership to capture the knowledge and skills they have gained during their career that they would like to teach to fellow post-doctoral and/or doctoral researchers, and to identify the training they require to do this effectively.


Many post-doctoral researchers and technicians provide informal teaching and training to other members of their research group, especially to doctoral and fellow post-doctoral researchers. Due to the informal nature of this training, it can often be hard for post-doctoral researchers and technicians to provide evidence of this training, for example, on job applications. By providing post-doctoral researcher and technicians with the opportunity and tools required to share this training via the C-DICE network C-DICE provides a way for them to get formal recognition of this training whilst also upskilling other C-DICE post-doctoral researchers. In addition, peer-to-peer training will benefit C-DICE post-doctoral researchers by expanding their perspectives, improving their skills and foster meaningful connections between researchers across the C-DICE network.

Type of training suitable

The training provided should focus on skills required for the Infrastructure, Cities and Energy (IC&E) sectors, and/or associated with accelerating progress towards a net-zero society by 2050. These may be transferable skills if they are delivered with a Net Zero slant. Training on facilities and/or equipment funded via ERA or UKCRIC would be particularly welcome. All lengths and styles of training will be considered, some examples include; short video clip, 1-hour virtual session, virtual or in-person workshops of any length, whole day practical, contribution to a course that may span a number of weeks.

How to submit training

Please fill in the C-DICE Peer-to-Peer Training Specification form using the accompanying Training Specification Guidelines document. Part of this form asks you to state the intended learning outcomes of this training. C-DICE will provide training on how to write intended learning outcomes. To understand how much advice/ training you require in this area it is useful for us to see how you would frame the ILO, however you may leave this section blank if you wish.

Check back for more training