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Writing Retreat – reflections of a postdoc

Writing Retreat – reflections of a postdoc

With all the duties and responsibilities of postdoctoral work I have found it easy in the past to procrastinate with long writing projects; there is always a meeting to arrange, or an experiment that needs running. As a result I have found that writing projects I had started with enthusiasm took a backseat as writing opportunities became more interrupted and my overall vision for the work clouded by time. The concept of C-DICE’s Virtual Writing Retreat, two days that were formally booked out of my calendar to be dedicated to writing, was a welcome opportunity.

I attended the 2-day virtual writing retreat with the aim of getting back into the habit of disciplined writing sessions, and to make some progress on a project I had put off for a few months. The days started with sessions to discuss the plan of writing for the day, with goals for each individual session. This structured approach enabled me to write efficiently, with the artificial deadlines of each session/day providing much-needed motivation to get my head down.

Over the two days I managed to complete the project I had wanted to, but more importantly proved to myself that extended periods of writing are possible; I just needed the willpower and discipline to set aside some specific time for it. I will be signing up for the next retreat whenever it becomes available!

Dr Sam Pering, Doctoral Prize Fellow at Loughborough University.

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