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Entrepreneurship Workshop 1 – The ‘entrepreneurial mindset’

Entrepreneurship Workshop 1 – The ‘entrepreneurial mindset’

This workshop will introduce the ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ with the emphasis on understanding one’s self and personal motivation, goals, values and purpose. The workshop will also introduce creative tools for participants and provide them with enjoyable experience and confidence in spotting opportunities and communicate entrepreneurial ideas. Participants will revisit their individual work and discuss the potential social, economic and environmental impact. The workshop is run by Dr Orsi Ihasz, a researcher in (responsible) innovation management and sustainability at Cranfield University.

The workshop objectives are:

  • raise awareness of the impact of your work within communities,
  • think more creatively and entrepreneurially,
  • learn about the commercialising process and becoming more employable,
  • turn your skills and knowledge into venture opportunities.

The workshops will enable you to;

  • unleash your creative potential,
  • develop basic business know-how and soft-skills that are valued by industry,
  • learn practical approaches through creative thinking to identify opportunities,
  • gain a clearer understanding of the meaning of innovation and entrepreneurial behaviours,


0930-1000: Introducing the ‘entrepreneurial mindset’
1000-1045: Your value and motivations – pitch yourself
1045-1100: Break
1100-1200: Your idea – Ideation
1200-1300: Your impact – Creativity

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3rd March 2022


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