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Research Technology Development Workshop (Hydrogen from Organic Waste) – 24 November 2022

Research Technology Development Workshop (Hydrogen from Organic Waste) – 24 November 2022

Hydrogen from organic waste with an integrated biological-­thermal­-electrochemical process

This one-day, face-to face workshop provides an opportunity for academics, postdoctoral researchers and industrial partners to discover the details of the process and engage with the project team on opportunities for research and collaboration on the development of the technology.

The technology converts organic waste, such as sewage sludge and food waste, into green hydrogen by using a combined biological, thermal and electrochemical process.

Dark fermentation is used to biologically produce hydrogen as first step within the anaerobic digestion (AD) without the presence of light. Methane produced from the AD stage will be processed in a plasma reforming stage, where high voltage electricity will convert methane and carbon dioxide into hydrogen and carbon monoxide. This approach has the advantage of requiring only electricity rather than heat.

The Universities of Aberdeen, Cranfield and Verona have been awarded funding by BEIS for a phase-1 feasibility study looking at mass and energy balances, a carbon footprint for the process, a lab­-scale prototype, engineering design to scale-up and a commercialisation plan.

The project team will be invited to submit a phase-2 bid to build and operate a pilot plant to demonstrate the process performance.

Reasons to attend:

  • Identify the key processes involved in Phase 1 of this innovative research project.
  • Consider the project proposal and progress, to explore the technological, commercial and academic development opportunities linked to this project.
  • Investigate, through collaborative discussion, development ideas and summarise these ideas, communicating key points.
  • Plan next steps and implications for research or commercial work linked to your expert research fields/businesses.
  • Investigate opportunities for cross-sector collaborations linked to this research project.

Date, venue and timing of the day

Thursday 24 November 2022 at Cranfield University, 09:00-15:00, with optional facility tours from 15:00-16:30

Link to express your interest to attend the event, by *Friday 11 November 2022:

Register your interest here 

*We will do our best to ensure that everyone who wishes to attend can do so, but capacity may be limited.  We will email to confirm attendance decisions during the week beginning 14 November 2022.

For those people attending the event, directions, accommodation options and essential information will be emailed in advance.





Cranfield University

College Road


MK43 0AL

United Kingdom


24th November 2022


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