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Hydrogen 2024 vs. 2050, 6 June 2024, 10:00-11:30 am

Hydrogen 2024 vs. 2050, 6 June 2024, 10:00-11:30 am

Hydrogen: 2024 vs 2050

Hydrogen is a hot topic.  What is its role in the decarbonisation agenda?  Which sectors are currently utilising hydrogen technologies? What may happen over the next 25 years and what role may we expect hydrogen to play?

As a postdoctoral researcher, academic or PhD student, this workshop will provide an opportunity to consider the current role and transition to a hydrogen future and explore how this links to your research.

Led by Dr Sandun Dissanayake from Cranfield University, this workshop will focus on the current state and future potential of hydrogen in achieving a net zero carbon future.

The place of hydrogen in the decarbonisation agenda will be introduced, followed by an exploration of the role of hydrogen across a range of sectors in 2024.

Workshop discussions will consider the transition to a future-focused exploration of hydrogen’s potential in 2050, highlighting the transformative impact it could have on energy production, transportation, industry, and the built environment.

Potential pathways to transition will be highlighted/discussed, from the hydrogen landscape in 2024 to 2050, emphasizing the roles of policy, technology development, infrastructure, and public acceptance.

This workshop offers a platform for participants to engage in a meaningful dialogue about the challenges and opportunities in the evolving hydrogen landscape.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify the role of hydrogen across a range of sectors in 2024.
  • Explore the potential role of hydrogen across a range of sectors as we move toward 2050.
  • Discuss challenges and opportunities across the current and emerging hydrogen landscape.
  • Consider what steps may be required to transition from 2024 to 2050 and apply thinking to your area of research.

Presenter biography:

Dr Sandun Dissanayake is a Research Fellow in Turquoise Hydrogen Generation at Cranfield University.

Dr Dissanayake is an experienced materials scientist with an intradisciplinary research background in analytical and materials chemistry and process systems development/scale-up. Main research areas include turquoise hydrogen generation, nanomaterial synthesis, low-cost nanocomposites, advanced nanomaterials for water purification, utilization of low-cost earth materials for nanotechnology applications.

This online workshop is supported by HyDEX







United Kingdom


6th June 2024


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