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i2i Ideas to Innovation 2023

i2i Ideas to Innovation 2023
Ideas to Innovation (i2i) has been designed for ambitious individuals looking to unlock their entrepreneurial and creative potential. This programme encourages you to consider the social and economic relevance of your research.

Within the i2i programme you will:
Explore entrepreneurship as an option for corporate innovation and new venture creation.
Gain a basic understanding of business.
Develop knowledge of how to commercialise your research.
Develop a network of likeminded researchers facing similar challenges.

This course encourages researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and businesspeople from multiple disciplines to talk to each other “outside the box”. The programme helps you explore your desire to take your research to market, understanding creative methods, team building, cultures and communications and the very basics of business. By the end of the course you will have had fun, learnt about yourself and your idea and managed to communicate effectively.

Within this three-day entrepreneurial programme, we combine large scale plenary sessions with small group activity. Each group has two facilitators to transfer the learning from the plenary – to guide and support you. We feel that this format enables you to consider the social and economic relevance of your research, and will equip you with the skills and know-how to turn your ideas into action.

C-DICE are subsidising 5 places on i2i 2023, worth £300 + travel and accommodation.  Use the booking link below and we will contact you to arrange a discussion to agree eligibility for the subsidised place.


Wednesday 11 January 2023 – Friday 13 January 2023 at Cranfield University.

Watch this short video to find out more about i2i 2023

i2i 2023


Cranfield University

College Road


MK43 0AL

United Kingdom


11th to 13th January 2023


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