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Peer-to-peer training scheme workshop, Thurs 22 July, 11am to 1pm

Peer-to-peer training scheme workshop, Thurs 22 July, 11am to 1pm


The aim of the C-DICE peer-to-peer training scheme is to bring together post-doctoral researchers from C-DICE partners and technicians from the TALENT partnership to capture the knowledge and skills they have gained during their career that they would like to teach to fellow post-doctoral and/or doctoral researchers, and to identify the training they require to do this effectively.


Many post-doctoral researchers provide informal teaching and training to other members of their research group, especially to doctoral and fellow post-doctoral researchers. Due to the informal nature of this training, it can often be hard for post-doctoral researchers to provide evidence of this training, for example, on job applications. By providing post-doctoral researchers with both the opportunity, and the tools required to share this training via the C-DICE post-doctoral network, C-DICE provides a way for them to get formal recognition of this training whilst also upskilling other C-DICE post-doctoral researchers. In addition, peer-to-peer training will benefit C-DICE post-doctoral researchers by expanding their perspectives, improving their skills and fostering meaningful connections between researchers across the C-DICE network.

Type of Training suitable

The training provided should focus on skills required for the Infrastructure, Cities and Energy (IC&E) sectors, and/or required to accelerate progress towards a net-zero society by 2050. These may be transferable skills if they are delivered with a Net Zero slant. Training on facilities and/or equipment funded via ERA or UKCRIC would be particularly welcome. All lengths and styles of training will be considered from 1 hour virtual session to a whole day practical.

Workshop plan

One of the main activities to help develop and implement this strategy will be a Peer-to-Peer training workshop. The main objectives of this workshop will be to:

  • Introduce the concept of peer-to-peer training.
  • Identify training that post-doctoral researchers could provide to C-DICE members.
  • Identify main barriers of post-doctoral researchers’ participation in peer-to-peer training.
  • Identify additional training and/or resources individual post-doctoral researchers would need to provide said training.

The workshop will take place Thursday 22 July 11 to 1pm.  This will be a virtual event delivered via Teams or Zoom in a meetings format so that participants can fully engage in breakout sessions. The agenda for the day is as follows:

Introduction 10 mins Phill Longhurst (Cranfield)
Train-the-trainer Introduction 15 mins Duncan Stanley (Loughborough)
Training I can offer 30 mins Duncan Stanley and C-DICE team (break out rooms of small groups)
Break 10 mins
Barriers to peer-to-peer training 3o mins Breakout rooms facilitated by C-DICE team
Breakout discussion feedback 15 mins All
Summary, and next steps 10 mins Kathryn North (C-DICE Director)


  • A list of training that post-doctoral researchers are willing to share via C-DICE.
  • A list of potential trainers mapped to their level of training including details of those that are already fully equipped to deliver training.
  • An understanding of the barriers of post-doctoral researchers providing training.

22nd July 2021

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