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System Dynamics for Transport Webinar – 8 March 2023, midday

System Dynamics for Transport Webinar – 8 March 2023, midday


PLEASE NOTE NEW DATE 8 March 12:00-13:00

System Dynamics is the study of the dynamic behaviour of systems, in order to improve understanding and therefore address problems or improve efficiencies. In every system, there are a complex set of cause-and-effect relationships between the elements it contains that make up it’s structure. These allow us to create a simplified representation of behaviour over time which captures features such as non-linear feedbacks and time delays. The SD methodology, which is applied across a wide range of disciplines including engineering, business and environmental policy, involves both qualitative (“causal loop diagrams”) and quantitative (“stock flow models”) approaches.

Transportation systems are complex, involving multiple agents or stakeholders, and there are many different feedbacks involved with different time lags between responses of users, developers, operators and policy makers. System dynamics is ideally placed for studying new mobility services, technologies and policies as models not only capture complex (and often over-looked) feedbacks, and allow modelling of many scenarios, but also demonstrate to stakeholders the importance of a systems approach.

Although the focus of practical examples is on transport policy, the method will be of relevance to those working across all aspects of cities, infrastructure and energy.

Learning Outcomes

This webinar will cover:
• The basics of the system dynamics methodology
• Causal Loop Diagrams (including exercises to try yourself)
• Stock Flow Models
• Group Model Building
• Examples of SD applied to transport
• An opportunity to ask questions about the method


Dr Gillian Harrison is an experienced transport policy researcher, with a committed professional interest in sustainable and equitable mobility. Specialisms include system dynamics modelling and policy appraisal. Dr Harrison is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, involved in a wide range of projects related to new mobility services, technologies and policies, and prior to this worked at the European Commission Joint Research Centre Institute for Energy and Transport in the Netherlands on e-mobility modelling and policy. They also co-chair the System Dynamics Society Special Interest Group in Transportation.


This webinar will start at midday and finish at 1 pm.  Register using the booking link below.






United Kingdom


8th March 2023


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