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C-DICE Caring Support Fund

C-DICE Caring Support Fund

C-DICE recognises that caring responsibilities can present a barrier to postdoctoral researchers attending and participating in C-DICE events and activities. C-DICE has therefore introduced a Caring Support Fund to help meet additional costs.

The purpose of the C-DICE Caring Support Fund is to help postdoctoral researchers with caring responsibilities to offset the additional costs of caring incurred by taking part in a C-DICE activity. Postdoctoral researchers can apply for a C-DICE Caring Support Grant when a C-DICE activity:

·       Occurs on what would not normally be a working day.
·       Involves hours longer than a normal day.
·       Incurs an overnight stay.

You need to be registered on Inkpath to apply for a grant. Sign up for the activity on Inkpath and you will receive the application form via email. Contact C-DICE if you require further information. 

Find guidance on registering for Inkpath here.

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