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C-DICE Secondment: Industry Requirements for Decarbonisation Skills and Capabilities

C-DICE Secondment: Industry Requirements for Decarbonisation Skills and Capabilities

The Centre for Postdoctoral Development in Infrastructure, Cities and Energy (C-DICE) is thrilled to host an exciting 3-month secondment opportunity for a postdoctoral researcher. The postdoctoral researcher seconded to this project would investigate what are the key skills industry require for achieving a transition of their business/sector towards decarbonisation. The secondee would benefit from working with industry contacts and creating a report from the data gathered that could help better understand the role for postdocs in industrial decarbonisation and the skills needed in the journey towards net zero. The secondment is available full or part-time.

This project would be ideal for a postdoctoral researcher with experience in designing and undertaking research via interview and/or focus group, experience in analysis of interviews, and experience of collating data.

Project Background

The purpose of the research will be to:

  1. Inform the development of training and other opportunities, ensuring resources are prioritised for the remainder of the programme, and to inform future plans beyond the current funded period
  2. Contribute to the knowledge base surrounding skills and capabilities required to deliver a decarbonised future
  3. Complement the work of the Research England funded ‘Prosper’ project in understanding the current and future employment landscape for postdoctoral researchers
  4. Build on the literature review undertaken by another C-DICE researcher

The objectives will be to:

  • Build a body of evidence to inform C-DICE priorities for the remaining funded period.
  • Supplement the work undertaken by Prosper to provide evidence of employer’s requirements and career opportunities for researchers.
  • Provide evidence that can be used to build a case for future funding opportunities to support researcher development.
  • Inform, for example for funders and employers, where resources can best be deployed in preparing researchers for careers within and beyond academia to facilitate a decarbonised future.
  • Understand how roles requiring high level skills may be changing, what skills gaps are envisaged, and where the opportunities are opening up.
  • Address gaps in the current knowledge about ‘Green Jobs’ workforce and where there may be opportunities for doctoral/postdoctoral researchers’ careers.
  • Disseminate the findings.

Job Purpose

  • To create, prepare and conduct interviews and/or focus groups.
  • To analyse and compile the results of the interviews/focus groups.
  • To prepare the findings for the basis for a journal publication or conference presentation.

Secondment Details

Number of secondments: This advert is for one secondment.

Duration: This secondment is three months in duration at full-time (or pro-rated for part-time equivalent)

Location: Hybrid (Remote and on site at Loughborough University)

Salary: University Pay Scale Spine 26 to 36 (£31,411 to £42,155 p.a. prorated for duration of post), depending on current postdoctoral researcher salary. Please note that university overheads will not be paid due to the developmental opportunity this presents to the postdoctoral researcher to undertake an industrial secondment. Expenses related to authorised travel for this secondment will be covered.

Special Conditions

This industrial placement is open to postdoctoral researchers based at C-DICE universities. Successful candidates will be required to seek permission from their supervisor and employing organisation to undertake the secondment. The project will commence as soon as possible. In cases where participation in this secondment would require a no-cost extension to an EPSRC grant, EPSRC has agreed to grant this automatically on request.

All staff have a statutory responsibility to take reasonable care of themselves, others and the environment and to prevent harm by their acts or omissions. All staff are therefore required to adhere to Loughborough University Health, Safety and Environmental Policy & Procedures.

All staff should hold a duty and commitment to observing Loughborough University Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion policy and procedures at all times. Duties must be carried out in accordance with relevant Equality & Diversity legislation and policies/procedures.

After the Secondment

  • Confirmation of expenditure
  • Outcomes (e.g. publications, engagement activities) for impact tracking
  • A report highlighting key findings
  • The postdoc may be asked to engage with C-DICE events (e.g. Annual Conference or Business Engagement Events) and to lead a C-DICE training activity in their area of expertise.


Essential Criteria

  • Experience in designing and undertaking research via interview and/or focus group.
  • Experience in analysis of interviews.
  • Experience of collating data for further use.
  • Publications

Desirable Criteria

  • PhD in a relevant field.


Deadline for applications26 April 2023, 16:00
Confirmation interviewsw/c 1 May 2023

How to Apply

Applications may be submitted any time before the deadline.

  • Sign up to Inkpath. Then link to C-DICE. For more details on how, click here.
  • Apply via Inkpath using Activity Code DSAB0012 or click the button above.
  • When you sign up for the activity, you will receive a link to an online application form.
  • You will need:
    • Applicant details (education & employment background)
    • Cover letter stating your available start date (max 500 words)
    • A CV

Supporting documents, any questions about the role, or support in the application process should be emailed to C-DICE at, cc:

Please note that if you are successful, your supervisor will be contacted for a letter/email of support.

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