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National Postdoc Conference 2023 – Awards

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The National Postdoc Conference is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the work of postdoctoral researchers and those who enable it. In partnership with our Awards Sponsors, Heuristic Games and the Pro Vice Chancellor for EDI at Loughborough University, NPDC23 will be awarding cash prizes to winners in the individual categories at the conference.

The awards will be hosted at 4pm at the conference – following an exciting lineup of talks and workshops.

Award nominations are now closed.

Award Categories

Impact for Postdoc Careers Award

Recognising someone who has made a significant contribution to the development and support of both postdocs and/or research as a career. Examples might include a blogger, website, author, or someone who has driven forward an innovation in support of research careers, someone who has set up a network, support group, or activity for postdocs. Someone who has worked in support of postdocs and postdoc careers. This may be a postdoc or someone in a different role who champions postdoc development.

Award methodology:

  • By nomination or self-nomination.
  • 250 word (maximum) supporting statement.

Unsung Heroes Awards x 3

Three individual awards recognising and celebrating postdocs as the unsung heroes of research, also highlighting the work of individual researchers within teams.

Advancement of knowledge – recognising a postdoc who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge in their field.

EDI champion – recognising a postdoc who has gone above and beyond to ensure equity, diversity and inclusion in their work, project, or journey to become a postdoc.

Sustainability Champion– recognising a postdoc whose work has introduced sustainability into their research area, or who has made strides to advance sustainable practices, or whose research is having impact in the key global sustainability challenges e.g. climate change.

Award methodology:

  • By nomination or self-nomination.
  • 250 word (maximum) supporting statement.

Organisation Award

Recognising a university, school or faculty, research group, research project, mentoring or training scheme, development programme, support service etc. that has excelled in providing high quality support and development opportunities that benefit postdocs.

Award methodology:

  • By nomination.
  • 250 word (maximum) supporting statement.

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