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Previous Sandpits

Sandpit 1
November 2021

Maximising progress towards net-zero in cities and infrastructure industries while promoting convergence to a circular economy.

This sandpit focused on Net-Zero solutions that are compatible with promoting circular economy convergence. 

Sandpit 2
December 2021

Unlocking user power and behaviour to promote and enable systematic transformation towards a Net-Zero future.

This sandpit explored approaches to promoting user-driven adoption of Net-Zero solutions or changes in user behaviour instrumental to achieving Net-Zero targets.

Sandpit 3
May 2022

Developing efficient and commercially viable short, medium and long term energy storage solutions that can be deployed widely and address the intermittency challenges of a fully integrated zero-carbon energy system.

This sandpit focused on critical issues related to developing and successfully deploying the energy storage technologies that are essential to enabling the transition to a zero-carbon energy system.

Sandpit 4
October 2022

Considering options and solutions to help understand the systems and interactions in the built environment that help determine the optimal path for carbon reduction.

This sandpit investigated interactions between different built environment and infrastructure systems and the contexts influencing the optimal pathways to carbon reduction.

Sandpit 5
March 2023

Dispersed industrial decarbonisation

This sandpit examined the barriers and opportunities to electrification for dispersed industry, exploring alternatives to inform policy for a net zero future.

Sandpit 6
May 2023

Hydrogen energy systems

This sandpit explored the opportunities and barriers to progressing the role of hydrogen in energy systems.

Upcoming Sandpits

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