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Impact Hub

The Impact Hub works very closely with the other C-DICE strands to show the value and the impact of this unique collaboration. After analysing the results of the innovative approaches being trialled in the project, the Impact Hub will disseminate the findings, aiming to transform the research culture and to act as a catalyst for the creation of novel, interdisciplinary postdoctoral development pathways setting transformative research agendas and utilising the unique capabilities of world-class capital investments of the UK Collaboratorium for Research on Infrastructure and Cities (UKCRIC) and the Energy Research Accelerator (ERA).

The Impact Hub will coordinate the definition of a roadmap for postdoctoral talent to achieve their full potential in professional and personal development, and in research by making innovative contributions towards net zero carbon in the infrastructure, cities and energy domains. Co-created with partners and researchers, this roadmap, which will be a key legacy of the project, will inform policy developments for UK research funders, from business and Government.

Flagship activities

Policy workshop

Each year, C-DICE will organise a workshop that would enable C-DICE postdoctoral researchers to have a better understanding of the types of bodies that influence or form policy and how they work, and how to engage with policymakers. The workshop will also showcase examples of successful policy engagement carried out by researchers at various career stages.

More details about ‘Engaging with policymakers workshop’ that will be held on 20 January 2022 can be found here.

Dragons’ Den

Working closely with the Midlands Innovation Commercialisation of Research Accelerator (MICRA) in 2022 we will create a series of Dragons’ Den events where post-doctoral researchers individually or working as a team, can explore ideas for starting an enterprise and pitch their business ideas to a panel of dragons as they competed for a share of the cash prize.

Annual conference

One of the flagship events of C-DICE programmes is an annual conference. In 2021 C-DICE combined forces with the Energy Research Accelerator to provide a unique conference for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers whose work contributes to the government’s target of Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2050. Net Zero Futures: Skills and Talent Development in the Journey towards Net Zero was a hybrid conference held at the University of Birmingham on 27 October 2021.

More details about the speakers who joined us on the day and photos are available here.

Panel discussion at Net Zero Futures conference, 27 October 2021


C-DICE is working to support the development of postdoctoral researchers whilst accelerating progress towards research and innovation towards net zero carbon. C-DICE will be running a series of at least 8 developmental sandpits to create innovative approaches to net zero carbon research and innovation in the area of infrastructure, cities and energy, providing a unique developmental opportunity for postdoctoral researchers to gain multidisciplinary and cross-sector skills and expertise.

The first sandpit was held virtually in November 2021, focusing on net-zero solutions that are compatible with promoting circular economy convergence.

Details about C-DICE sandpits and upcoming call for applications can be found here.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

In order to realise the full transformative potential of the C-DICE programme, EDI is embedded and foregrounded in all activities. We aim to ensure that an inclusive culture, grounded in the nine protected characteristics, is created and that other challenges to participation are also considered in our events and activities.

More details can be found here.